Friday, 17 November 2017

Final Figures For My Sargonid Army

Sargon the Great is ready for World Domination

With this blog entry I have officially completed all the figures I need to field my Sargonid Army in any format I want to try. The last 24 castings are Museum Miniature Assyrian Archers AS04 and are slightly different in pose from the Bowmen elements I posted recently. I now have enough Reg Ps O for every eventuality.

I still have a small box of left over castings which I can paint up in due course to replace some of the figures I purchased off EBay but at present I have no urgent need to paint them.

Old School Painting Commission - Part 2

Still Going Retro!

Heres the last of the six 25/28mm figures I was asked to try and match paint to go with an existing element. Its been strange painting such large figures in a style I have not used for over 20 years.

Here is the original Roman Auxiliary Archer Psiloi element.

Here are six finished figures. I am quite pleased with the end result as the colour matching is quite close even if the figures are totally different castings.

Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Old School Painting Commission

Going Retro!

I was asked by someone at the wargames club I am a member of to paint up some twelve figures for him. I must admit that I have not painted 25/28mm scale figures for over 30 years. The main worry I have was that he wanted them painted to match figures he already had which meant I had no idea what colours to use to get a good match. The figures were very old style and the painting was that style we all used to do in the 1980's. Solid block colours without any shading or highlights.

They are for Imperial Romans and represent their Legionary Archers and the Auxiliary Archers.

I have now completed the first six figures for the Legionary Archers. I have been given a sample element for each type to use as a painting pattern for each type which allowed me to experiment a little on the colours. I think that given that I had no idea what colours to use except by trial and error and careful use of my eyes under a bright lamp I have ended up making a good match.

What you you think? Here's the master element I had to match to.

Here's the end result of my match painting attempt.

I now have the Auxiliary batch to complete and I will add them to the end of this blog once they are done. Thankfully I dont need to base them as he is going to do that to ensure they look similar.

Monday, 13 November 2017

Bit and pieces for a Patrician Commission

Asked to paint up some missing bits for a Patrician Army

Been taking a break from PLM over the last two weeks as I worked on a commission to complete a few pieces for a Patrician Roman army. Been interesting to paint figures I would not otherwise paint up.No idea on the makes or codes except that the Javelinmen are from Lurkio and some of the others are Essex.

Arab Client State General


Fast Knights

Friday, 27 October 2017

Medieval Pisa Tourist Souvenir

Medieval Pisa Tourist Souvenir

Once in a while EBay throws up something oddly useful for wargaming purposes. This is an old resin tourist souvenir from Pisa. Three buildings from the city centre piazza that once cut up into three items will be perfect to represent BUA. It's quite nice so seems a shame to destroy it but all three are 24cm x 8cm in area. The Campanile [Leaning Tower] was completed in 1372 AD, the Cathedral by 1180 AD and the Baptistry in 1363 AD.

It was covered in a mixture of dirt, grease, dust and nicotine. After talking to a few people I was recommended to buy Rubbing Alcohol. This is actually a proper chemical compound used for deep cleaning as it evaporates very quickly. I ordered a litre of it on line as I was unsure how much I would end up using. 

The bottle came with lots of health warnings so never use it indoors or when smoking and keep out of the hands of children. 

After 30 minutes in the garden with an old toothbrush and lots of brushing I was really surprised just how clean it turned out afterwards.

Now I have to decide if I will leave it as a single piece or cut it into three separate buildings. 

I decided to cut it into three. I can now work on getting them into the right sized bases.

Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Penultimate Installment For The Sargonid Army

Some of the last of the Missing Sargonid Infantry

The Sargonid Army is a bit of a Heinz with lots of different types of compulsory troops and these coming in strictly tiered units according to their status within the army.

The DBMM army list changes the troops that were formerly called Line Infantry in the DBM army list into Long Shield Spearmen and their supporting Reg Ps O become Reg Bw O instead.

This means I needed to create six elements of Reg Bw O to ensure that I had sufficient troops made up to use this list option. I used Museum Miniatures AS19 castings from their Assyrian range. The figures were very cleanly cast with minimal flash. They were quite easy to paint up as there was minimal hidden areas that were otherwise difficult to get to with a paintbrush.

I was very pleased with the end result for these 24 castings rated as Reg Bw O.

The Reserves of the Battle Array are classed as Spearmen, Auxilia or Psiloi depending on which army list version you decide to use. I was missing the Auxilia elements to make up this contingent so I had a look through the unpainted metal to see what I had. I ended up using Lancashire Games AB27 Auxiliary Spearmen from their Neo-Assyrian range. Whilst labelled as Spearmen the pose is more suited for use as Light Infantry due to the minimal armour they were wearing and the round wicker shield they are carrying. 

With these two contingents done I am now left with the final twenty-four archers still to paint up with will make the final contingent of 12 elements of Reg Ps O. I am using Museum Miniatures AS04 castings for these which have a different pose to the AS19 casting. They are currently on my painting table and I am hoping they might be finished by the weekend and on my blog. I still have a lot of left over figures in the box because I ended up buying too many in my keenness to finish the army quickly. This may allow me to morph the army into another Assyrian list in due course but that idea is way down the line. Of course they might just end up on EBay?